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Feeling reflective… so… I am grateful for..

- my parents. Their support, patience, and love is a constant blessing

- my sister. Your love, work ethic, and character is inspiring.

- my friends. Good or bad experiences, you all have helped me become the person I am today

- basketball. My first love. I am grateful for all the lessons it has taught me, the friendships i’ve made, and the places it has taken me. 

- a healthy body, that allows me to preform daily tasks

- adversity. Life constantly tests my values and skills that I’ve learned over the years. Every day is another opportunity to get better.

- the ability to see. It could be someone cutting on the basketball court, the view from the top of a hike, or all of my beautiful friends. I’m truly in awe of what my eyes allow me to witness

- my feet. They are the foundation for all my physical activities and they haven’t failed me yet. 

that’s enough for now.. getting sleepy 

Plot twist.


The last episode of Pretty Little Liars is on your TV. Spencer raises a gun to the camera which shows her aiming at us (the screen)… The gun goes off and all of sudden the screen goes black. The viewer is dead.

It turns out we were -A all along. We were watching them religiously, monitoring their every move, spying on them…

It was us all along. We were the -A team.

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